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TRIB's membership is currently at 6 members with a limit of 12.  We have a mix of both boaters and non-boaters.  We are proud to have 3 members who have been members of the Rhode Island State Team .  Phil Gebler was the Rhode Island winner and fished in the "Big Bass World Championship" and was a member of the Rhode Island State Team for 2001.  Alan Jackson qualified in 2001  on the Conn River and is the alternate on the 2002 State Team.  Not just being satisfied as an alternate he qualified at the 2002 State Fish Offs finishing 4th.  Bob Lariviere is our newest member to qualify for the Rhode Island State Team.  He like Alan qualified at the 2002 Fish Offs on Lake Champlain. He finished first and has the title of MR. BASS for the upcoming year.  Many of our members fish the RI State Federation Trail, various open tournaments and one member is even trying the Foxwoods Tour.   We currently have  openings for good members  who like  to fish and also enjoy the company of the other club members. E-mail us for more information about joining our club.





Alan Jackson:     Boater, Club Treasurer, 2002/2003 RI State Team member, 2002 Club Mr.Bass and 2002 TRIB 8 man team member

Bob (Big Johnson) Lariviere:   Boater, Club Secretary, 2003 RI STATE TEAM MR. BASS and State Team Captain, 2002 TRIB 8 man team member, Member of Accent Fishing Products Pro Team, Team High Roller Pro Staff, and Member of Mepps/Mr. Twister National Pro Staff.

Roy Costa:    Boater, Club President, State Team Manager, and 2002 TRIB 8 man team member

Pit Gravel:     Boater, 2002 TRIB 8 man team member, 2000 Club Mr.Bass.

Phil Gebler:  Boater, 2002 TRIB 8 man team member, former RI "Big Bass World Championship" winner and 2001 RI State Team Member.

Donald Crabtree:  Boater and new member to TRIB in 2002.