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Our club schedule for 2002 consists of 7 tournaments.  Each member is allowed to drop one tournament and take the weight of their best 6 tournaments to determine our clubs final standings.  Click here for information on our 2 Open Tournaments.

2002 Tournament Results click here

April 28                                           Ahumet                                                             7AM-3PM

May 5                                             Whitehall                                                           7AM-3PM

June 8                                             Webster Lake                                                    5:30AM-1:30PM

July  7                                             Sand Dam                                                          6AM-2PM

July 21                                            Watchaug                                                           6AM-2PM

August 25                                        Long Pond (LakeVille)                                       6AM-2PM

September 1                                    Johnson's Pond                                                  7AM-2PM                      


Other Tournament Dates of Interest

April 14th                    State Team Open Webster Lake                                                  7AM-3PM
April 21st                    RI Trail #1  Johnson's Pond                                                          7AM-3PM
May 19th                    Ocean State 26th Open Johnson's Pond                                       7AM-3PM
May 26th                    Our Team Open Roger Williams Park                                          7AM-3PM
June 16th                    RI Fed Trail #2- Worden's Pond                                                    6AM-2PM
June 15th                    Make A Wish Kids Tournament Slatersville                                7AM-12PM
July 13th                     RI Fed Pig Roast                                                                            12PM
July 14th                     RI Club Championship South Wattuppa                                        6AM-2PM
July 21st                     RI Fed Trail #3 Webster                                                
August 12th                RI Fed Trail #4 South Wattuppa                                                    6AM-2PM
August 16&17            RI Fed State Fish Offs Lake Champlain Ticonderaga                                    
September 8th            March of Dimes Team Open Johnson's Pond                              7AM-3PM
September 15th          Our Individual Open Johnson's Pond                                            7AM-3PM October 6th                 RI Fed Trail TOC Lake Cochiuate